Anxiety buster

Hi guys, I know theres lots of anti anxiety help out there, but Ive tried everything and my anxiety is on the ceiling at the moment though temporarily relieved for a few moments at a time by music, reading, embroidery,  Ebooks, knitting, Codewords puzzles, mobile Scrabble etc. I'm on a new one now, dont know if any of you have had ads on FB for paint by numbers? I remember them as a kid and these new ones are lovely. Masterpiece by Numbers they are called. Half price at the mo, I ordered 2...London and Paris. If you have a special family or pets photo, they can turn it into a kit for you to paint Yum They take about 2 weeks to arrive. I started mine this afternoon and before I knew it it was teatime and I hadnt thought about my 'alien' for all that time! Im going to spend all day on my painting tomorrow. Certainly helped me today :-) Hope you are all ok, love and hugs xx