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What do I do? Long read sorry

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Thanks for explaining re the Christie n the ds1500 form

Keeping everything crossed for you re results of yesterday's meeting xx

Fear of the unknown is the worst thing. Once we know what we're facing, we find the strength to deal with it.
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Forgive me for being so late responding to your post but I have been distracted. It appears that I was overdosing on one of my pain killers. I should have realised from all the fairies.

It was when you mention an operation to embilise that bells started to ring.

I dunno what with bells ringing and fairies perhaps I am still overdosing.

Anyway, before my spinal op I also had an op to embilise the met on my spine. I then caught meningitis and spent four months unconscious in hospital but that is irrelevant. I too am being bounced between hospitals. Surgeons for the spine and my oncology guy. In my case just the two in yours it seems more. Anything to do with cancer trust the Christie. One of the best in the country. Get one for surgery and one for Oncology.

Now a lot of this depends on how strong your mum is and able to stand surgery.

A biopsy will give you definite information on what is the primary source of the cancer.

Lets assume it is kidney then surgical removal is usually the best option once your mum is strong enough. After that then various forms of chemotherapy are available (also sometimes before. My choice would be Opdivo BUT it is usually a second line treatment) and in this case you are lucky. In the last few years there have been massive improvement in the range and effectiveness of kidney treatment drugs.

The radio therapy on your Mums back is to try to control the growth of the met. ( metastatic lesion) The tattoo are so they hit the same spot every time.

However I am told there is a certain town where if you “Flash your tats you get free drinks” More of that later.

I wouldn’t eat anything in hospital until my daughter brought in picnics which we shared. My wife joined in and when possible we had our evening meal together . A little bit of normality restored.

Your Mum is unlikely  to be able to travel in October so make the claim on the insurance company now. These things always happen  at the best of times. NOT.

I would say I am comfortably off but I get £87.50 per week in attendance allowance once she gets out of hospital. Also I have a blue badge.My local Prospect lady arranged all that all I did was sign a form.

I am nearly nine years into dealing with this ...... but the sun still feels good on my face and I am lucky to have the love of a bad woman.

Take it one day at a time.

PS You have had some good advice from some of the other posters too.

I wish you and your Mum well.


May the sun shine on your face and the road rise up to meet you

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Well it's been abit crazy of late.... MY MUM IS HOME! 

We had biopsy yesterday so fingers crossed for some good news.. she returned home on Tuesday 

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Glad to hear your mum's home. That must b such a relief for u, after all the traipsing back n forth to various hospitals in the north west. Fingers crossed as u say  re biopsy results. When will u hear?

Fear of the unknown is the worst thing. Once we know what we're facing, we find the strength to deal with it.
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Ah that's lovely news for you. Will keep fingers crossed for the biopsy result too.