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Multiple cancers

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  1. Over the past five years my husband has been diagnosed with Bladder cancer (removed, chemotherapy and now being checked yearly) colon cancer (bowel removed, stoma fitted, lymph nodes removed and awaiting chemotherapy as lymph nodes show signs of cancer) tests also for tumour on kidney. Loads of scans and biopsies. Now today a letter came saying that the kidney tumour may be invading the psoas muscle  I’m sitting alone just thinking “what else can be found?”  Not sure of these latest results and really have nobody to talk to or ask. Anybody got any suggestions or advice? Thank you x
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Hi ,

Wow what a lot to be having to deal with but welcome to the group.  I see that you also posted on the New to the site group and Mike the highlander responded and gave you lots of good information about where you can go for support.  I can highly recommend the Macmillan helpline.

I'm not sure what the doctors would want to do as it may depend on lots of factors.  The main one is if the tumour in the kidney is a new primary or a metastasis from one of the other cancers, probably the colon cancer.  If it is a colon cancer met then they may choose to continue with the chemotherapy but the Bowel cancer group might be able to offer better advice (click here to go to this group).  If it is a new primary Kidney cancer then they would need to find out which type of kidney cancer as there are different treatments available depending upon the type.

I would try and talk to your husbands cancer care nurse or oncologist to try and find out a bit more information about this tumour.  They could also advise you what they are planning or considering as a next step.  If you cannot get through to them your GP may be able to assist you and they should certainly know who you could contact locally.

Having been through five years of this already I feel sure that you have lots of resources and have developed ways of dealing with this anxiety.  I personally try to occupy my mind to give myself a break from the worry.  I know that this is difficult to do but if you can find a way to do it then it can be greatly relaxing.   If I can get into a good book or a movie this helps me, others listen to stories on Audiobooks, some people paint or use the adult colouring books, some use mindfulness or meditation, whatever works for you.  Getting a bit of a break gives you the opportunity to put some perspective on things.

Wishing all the best to you and your husband, love and hugs,

Gragon xx