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Post op

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Hi Lou68 

Could be your nerve endings readjusting and healing? I had awful burning sensation in area of where they took my kidney out (whole kidney removed in open surgery) and the skin on my back was extremely sore and painful as well, the hairs hurt! That lasted I would say until about week 4 post surgery, and I’m now almost week 7 and I can say it has completely gone. I was so worried it wouldn’t go as I could feel it permanently, clothes hurt and I ached so much inside as well. 

Week 3 is still really early days so know that you’re doing really well and glad the docs gave you some extra pain relief. 

Im awful for wanting to feel normal and better straight away so I really understand how frustrating it is! Each day you’ll feel a bit better xx 

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Hi Lou68

Hooe you start to feel better very soon.  Just wanted to say, Stage 2, good news (if that’s possible), are you happy with that?