Waiting to have the bugger out

Hi. Was diagnosed  with 8cm tumour on right kidney on 5th april. Scan showed marks on lung but docs dont think its anything to worry about thank god. Managed to fit in 2 holidays between diagnosis and kidney removal next week.in Majorca as i  write this. Had malignant melanoma 26 years ago on leg and have been right as rain since. Feeling positive once its out that will be it. No one has mentioned any more treatment. Am i being to optimistic?

  • I don’t think they can be 100% until they’ve done a biopsy, but let’s hope that that’s the case. I’m not too clued up about kidney cancer and hope someone with more expertise than me can help. Good luck next week.

    By the way I’m also in Majorca, have a lovely holiday xx

  • Hi Sue

    Thanks for the reply. Im leaving sunny Majorca this morning Persevere got preop tomorrow so had to cut hol short. Let the fun begin Thinking

    Viv x

  • Hi. You're not necessarily being too optimistic.

    The docs may decide to just keep u under regular observation,  probably  via scans, n only give u treatment if they spot something needs dealing with.

    Glad you managed to  fit your holidays in first.

  • Hi

    positivity and optimism is good. It’s very easy for the black thoughts  to take over. I was originally thought to have a 7cm tumour. It turned out to be 5cm. The histology report showed a low grade and  unlikely to return. Even so I am being monitored every six months through  ct scans and ultrasound.

    so yes, definitely be optimistic! Hope the operation goes well. It’s painful but five months on I am completely recovered. I’m not young - 65 but am so glad I had the ‘monster’ removed,

    good luck 


  • Hi Viv,

    You are probably on your way back now but I hope that you had a lovely holiday.

    Surgery is the best way of dealing with kidney cancer and if it is caught before it has progressed this gives you the best chance of a cancer free future.  Histology will check the type of cancer and work out the risk of it recurring, you should receive these results in about 4 to 6 weeks.  You will then be monitored by ultrasound and/or CT scans according to the rate your consultant decides.  I understand that with some types of kidney cancers they can give chemo as a follow up treatment but this is not appropriate with most kidney cancers.

    I hope that your surgery goes smoothly.  Remember to eat plenty of fruit and veg to keep your bowels moving.  If you struggle then ask one of the nurses for something to help you out as constipation is a common response to the surgery.

    All the best,

    Gragon xx

  • Thanks Gragon for adding more detail to my post.

  • Thanks everyone. Any information is great at the moment. I understand the tumour has gone into the fatty tissue outside the kidney but my consultant didn't seem alarmed by this. Have to see surgeon on monday before surgery on Wednesday so might get a bit more info. 

    Viv x

  • Good luck on Monday and Wednesday x

  • Hi,

        On the 18th April I had a partial nephrectomy to remove 4cm tumour on left kidney, just seen consultant all gone and the margins are good, no further treatment at the moment, 6 months check up and ct scan. good luck to you and I am sure it will be same for you. Apparently because a kidney is self contained , when they take the tumour out its not connected to anything else that is why it is usually no further treatment, I think I have got this right. Good luck.


  • Depends on how near the tumour is to the vena cava, ie how big it is.Mine was 9cm.

    Sorry to rain on your parade, just telling it like it is. I didn't have further treatment, just regular chest x rays/ scans to begin with.

  • I was also diagnosed with a tumour, 6cm, on April 5th.  I was fortunate that due to a cancellation I was operated on, and had my left kidney out just three days later (April 8th).  I was grateful for this as the waiting around would have been really difficult.  I am a 38 yr old male, with a 4 yr old son and stewing in my thoughts for a few weeks waiting on surgery would have terrified me.  Fortunately, three weeks ago I was advised my tumour was low grade, with no spread,  and I am now back at work (taking it easy on a phased return). Be well, and good luck.

  • Well the buggers out. Thats smarts!! Resting up! sleep eat repeat. Sweat

  • Take it easy n make sure u get regular pain relief