Partial Nephrectomy

Hi all,

        I first joined this group because I had been diagnosed with possible Kidney cancer, anyway all you lovely people responded to my post with loads of good advice and good wishes. I had a partial nephrectomy on the 18th April I was in hospital for 12 days as I got a chest infection after op and my temperature kept spiking. Once I got home I just gradually started to feel better, I had my consultant appointment on 3/06/2019, it was cancer but a 4cm tumour they got it all out and it was non aggressive and no further treatment and to see consultant in six months. I am so relieved for now, it is not a pleasant operation to go through but so glad I did right now. so just keep my fingers crossed for the next six months.



    • Well done Jo. Your consultant will no doubt do the watch n wait routine, ie keep an eye on u regularly but only do more if need be. As you say, fingers crossed x
  • Hi Jo

    That's lovely news (if getting a confirmed cancer diagnosis can be lovely news lol)

    Will be keeping fingers crossed for your continued good health

  • I'm the same.but I'm not dealing with this five year.lets wait and see .it. Plays so much on my mind and I can't get it across to my partner  if it's all ok.then why have a five year plan.?he doesn't understand me.

  • Jeannies I'm not sure how well I'm understanding your post, but from my own experience, I was told that getting to two years without a recurrence was really promising and getting to 5 years is almost the holy grail - so if you get to 5 years without a recurrence there's a strong chance you might not ever.
    Obviously you get well monitored in the interim period - it gradually extends between appointments as you get further in to your recovery, but if you have any troubling signs I found that my team were very quick to make further checks with scans etc.
    The fear of recurrence is hard to deal with I think, but it does get to the point where it's not the first or last thing that you think about each day, then you go for days and days, then weeks and weeks. But if you're struggling, speak to Macmillan, or your team possibly about counselling. It's as tough on your mental health as your physical health I think.
  • Hi, when I saw my consultant he said I was to go back and see him in six months, is that what they are doing with you?


  • Hi,

    2 Years ago I had a radical right kidney nephrectomy and excision of renal cancer in my right breast at the same time. I was in the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield for 2 days after keyhole surgery. The two teams of surgeons were going for a complete cure. These problems are extremely rare in this combination and very little has been written on it. I have had no more treatment and feel fine.

    My CT scans started 3 monthly and will now move annually. So far there have been no recurrences.

    My family have gone from discussing short term palliative care to future holidays and house moves with me still in the picture.

    I still do Pilates and enjoy watching my youngest grandchildren progress in their chosen fields of academia, music and drama. The youngest played lead guitar in School of Rock in the West End at the beginning of this year. It was so exciting and he will perform in his next West End production from the end of August. Dying is not an option with so much to do and enjoy.

    The 5 year predictions are just that but being stubborn I will be one of the remaining 8% still going just like the Queen!

    Be positive folks.

  • Every one of us is different and responds to the cancer differently. I was originally diagnosed in 2005, had a right nephrectomy n several secondaries later am still here to tell the tale.

    I have 3 to 4 monthly CT and MRI scans so am checked up on regularly and things dealt with when necessary.

    Yes, I worry every time I'm waiting for my scan results but who wouldn't? Otherwise I just get on with life.

    Statistics are just that. As the previous poster says, "be positive folks"

  • couldn’t let this go without saying that I saw School of Rock at the start of the year, I wonder if I saw him? Fantastic show! I hope you got a chance to go!