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Kidney Cancer diagnosis/insurance claim

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I'm in an interesting situation regards Critical illness insurance so thought I'd enquire of others' experience.

I bought my current house in September 2000 & took out Life/CI cover at the time for the value of the interest only mortgage (around £27k).

A few years ago I was diagnosed with a genetic condition (Birt-Hogg-Dube Syndrome) which means I'm pre-disposed to developing kidney cancer so began a yearly regime of kidney scans to monitor things but was initially clear.

A couple of years ago a "small mass" was discovered during the scan (0.8cm) and last year it was found to have increased slightly, but this time the scan results described it as "the small tumor has grown to 1cm". (The medical policy related to this illness has a standard treatment plan of removing such tumors once they reach 3cm).

So, does it make sense to try to get a formal diagnosis (of Kidney cancer) & seek a CI insurance claim (which would probably be for a lesser amount due to being caught early) or are the insurance company likely to dismiss it as being early, bearing in mind that they'll be off the hook by September 2020?

Reason it's interesting is I'm now buying a new property so will need to sort fresh life/illness cover etc. and a claim would likely impact any new policy, or would it as although I've been diagnosed, it won't be treated yet anyway? I'd expect any new policy to simply say that kidney issues would be excluded anyway.

I appreciate that asking such a question on a forum might not be the most reliable source of info, but where would be the best place for me to start enquiries?

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Hello in my experience of critical illness insurance is they don’t pay out until you have had the tumour removed, I was paid out by Aviva but they wouldn’t pay until they had seen the pathology report from the consultant.

I hope this helps, Lisa...

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Hi ,

I have no idea what the answer to your question might be but could I suggest you contact the Macmillan helpline 0808 800 00 00 and ask to speak to someone regarding some financial advice.  I found them very helpful when clarifying the situation regarding my pension.  They may arrange to call you back to discuss this rather than dealing with it there and then to make sure the person you are talking to has the relevant knowledge.