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Red Wine and Veg!

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This might be a strange question but I used to love red wine, a couple of weeks before my kidney cancer diagnosis I have totally gone off it. Even the smell turns my stomach. I am now experiencing the same with all vegetables. Is this just me or is it usual?

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Hi ,

A lot of kidney cancers are symptomless and discovered by accident.  They also tend to be slow growing and have been present for a long time before they are discovered.  I would have suspected that this would suggest that this is not related.  I  have not heard of anyone else experiencing this before diagnosis but I would certainly not put myself forward as an expert and others may have other information.  I don't really drink wine so I cannot say if that is affected and my tastes did change after diagnosis but that was due to the medication I was on. 

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Gragon x

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I used to like mushrooms and still do, the thing is I can't eat them since I had my kidney out, as I feel sickly afterwards.


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Red wine. Hm not sure if it was The cancer or the medication but I too didn't like it so much. i tend to take my Morhine in the morning and switch to Whiskey and ginger ale in the evening. Ginger ale is good for your tummy and whisky makes it palatable. Lately I have switched to polish fruit Vodka,, Cherry is my particular favourite, and then red wine tastes fine.. I lived on the Med for many years so red wine was/is a staple in my diet.

You know the old joke about , “I cook with wine, sometimes I add it to the food” Yes thats me. i do draw the line at corn flakes.

At the beginning of my cancer journey i had a long chat with my oncologist.

Broadly speaking the rest of my life, with no treatment, is a piece of string of a certain length . I can lengthen this piece of string with drugs. Its my choice what I choose to give up and/or take to increase the bit of string. Alcohol is one of my red lines. I choose to drink. However I do drink a lot less than I used to.

Vegetables; Eat a lot less  potatoes than I used too. Last week had a craving for swede. Had a whole small one for supper. In fact the only difference I have made to my diet is no raw seafood. Oysters and Conches Finas (clams) in Spain Thats because I only have the one kidney.

We all have to find our own path.


May the sun shine on your face and the road rise up to meet you