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Nephrectomy Op booked for 20th May

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Hi All, I am a 57 year old female diagnosed with kidney cancer on 20th March and have my OP booked for total removal of right kidney on 20th May. I don't know yet whether it is by open surgery as recommended by the first consultant on diagnosis or by hand assisted keyhole which a second consultant suggested at a follow up appointment. 

I do know that my cancer has spread to my lungs and I will be targeted with immunotherapy and radiotherapy following the OP, and I have been told that it cannot be cured. I have had an MRI, but have not been told the findings from that yet.

Pain has increased again this weekend and there is blood in my urine (again), so will be pleased when I do have the OP. However I can't help but worry when the pain increases or I get a new pain if this horrid cancer has spread anywhere else and my biggest fear is when they open me up they find it has gone too far to do anything. I am sure these worries are perfectly normal though.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

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So sorry Cate that you are going through this. I was diagnosed last November and had a radical nephrectomy by keyhole surgery in January.

i so clearly remember the anxiety and fear when I was diagnosed but once I had a date and knew what was going to happen I became more rational.

the operation is major but the team manage pain well and I was surprised by my recovery. I was back at work after seven weeks. I’m 65. I did make sure I was as fit as I could be before the operation. I walked miles. Walking also helped after to help alleviate pain.

this group is so supportive and I’m sure will be able to allay your fears about treatment.

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Hi Cate,

I had my left kidney removed by open surgery February 2015. Like you they already knew that there was  spread to my lungs and other lymph node sites and that I would require further treatment. My symptoms in terms of flank pain and blood in the urine cleared up immediately after the op but obviously there is then the operation itself to recover from. I know from experience that once you have been diagnosed, the wait for the tumour to be removed is horrendous and that you can't help but worry about further spread whilst you are waiting, but take comfort from the fact that kidney cancer is usually very slow growing and you now only have a week to wait.

Take the time to read previous posts from various people on this site (search radical nephrectomy) as I found it a great help both before and after my op. Listen to your body afterwards, and rest when you feel the need to. Listen to advice about not straining and lifting as there is a large incidence of hernia especially after open surgery.

Going forward, it might give you some comfort to know that I have now been on Pazopanib for over four years now and am still actively responding to treatment , and there are others that post on here regularly who are in a similar position. 

Best wishes to you 


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Thank you Jane for your positive response 

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I have had a telephone call today from the hospital. My consultant discuss things with me before the OP on Monday, so have an appointment with him on Thursday morning. This should give me the opportunity to find out more about the surgery and hopefully the results from the MRI.

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HI Cate

How are you getting on?

Hope all well