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Well.. we went to the orthopaedics clinic yesterday regarding my husbands hip/walking issues. We have been told the cancer has also spread to the pelvis area! He has surgery booked for the 14th of June. The procedure is called The Harrington Hip + package! If this operation is not carried out my husband will become bedridden. We have two weeks to think this over before we see the orthopaedic surgeon again. Unfortunately no other options, my husband is angry, devastated and very emotional. We were also made aware that if we lived anywhere else in the country he would not have been offered this procedure. The surgeon who will be performing the surgery has only carried out this operation on ten other patients. So scary not knowing what lies ahead and what the outcome will be. It’s such a major operation and we was also advised he would probably need a blood transfusion and a another risk was infection afterwards! I can’t imagine how my husband must feel as I feel completely overwhelmed with this situation to where this whole scenario is going to end!


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Hi maureen, I don't have much knowledge in terms of advice I just wanted to say I'm thinking of you both. My dad was diagnosed with kidney cancer recently that has also spread to his bones and is very advanced. It's like being thrown into a whole other world without warning and I can imagine your thoughts and emotions are all over. I am glad they are at least offering your husband some treatment, my dads mets are wide spread and the one in his arm has pathologically fractured it, he has one in his spine too which could affect his mobility the same as your husband :( x Have you got some support for yourself? it is a lot of pressure and worry, and sometimes someone to talk to can help a lot x  I am praying the operation is a success, my thoughts are with you both x

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I dont know if my hip replacement surgery is similar to your husbands . I had my hip joint replaced and a metal cage inserted to make a new socket for the hip joint to go into. My hip had crumbled due to the radiotherapy I had in the area due to my bone secondary from kidney cancer. My operation was very successful I have been able to reduce my painkillers from 100mg twice a day to 20mg twice a day and to be without that pain is amazing. I can walk short distances with crutches but do need a wheelchair for longer distances but that is due to nerve damage from where my tumour is pressing on nerves. If it was only my hip that was the problem I'm sure I would be fully mobile and pain free. I hope this ramble helps. Good luck for your husbands operation

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Thanks so much for your kind words. Yes it is so difficult. Yes my husbands hip / pelvis is also pathology fractured also. Although he did have a fall ( tripping over my granddaughter while on holiday in December ) although not sure if it has any bearings on the outcome now. He was not diagnosed until the end of February.  We received a copy of the letter the orthopaedic surgeon has sent to the oncology consultant today. He didn’t mince his words so to speak. Seeing it put into words in a letter of the pitfalls with going ahead with the surgery was overwhelming, my husbands choice is to have surgery which might not be successful and the risks are mammoth and could shorten his life or to carry on with mobility issues which will see the fractures become worse through movement and essentially becoming bedridden. How do you make that decision??? My two children have different opinions. My daughter wants him to go ahead, my son is not so sure. We have a emergency appointment to discuss all of these issues with the oncology consultant on Friday. On the plus side, we have been told that Tivozanib  ( Targeted Therapy Drug ) is doing it’s job. Unfortunately since restarting this treatment on Saturday ( he did 3 weeks on, 1 week of, which was decided was to much for him to tolerate. So he restarted on Saturday with a plan of 2 weeks on and 1 week of ) Well it hasn’t gone to plan, his symptoms since restarting on Saturday are worse than ever. After speaking with the oncology nurse this afternoon she advised that he stops this treatment until we see the oncology consultant on Friday, but she did say she has another treatment she thought might give him a more quality of life scenario. So much to think about, you sometimes can’t see the woods for the trees so to speak. So sorry you are going through similar with your dad. An absolute nightmare. Is your dad coping okay ? My husband has only recently had his 66th birthday and always went at mile per hour. So so cruel.... I do hope things go well with your dad. I will certainly be thinking of you both.

very best wishes

maureen x

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Hi Elliekate 

Thanks so much for your reply.

 i am really am so pleased to hear that you are doing so well after the op. 

Perhaps there is light at the end of the tunnel. I really hope so. I must try and stay positive.

My husbands issues also involve his pelvis, was this so in your case ? It’s called the Harrington + hip  package. I think by this they mean that since it became available ( It was first used in the states ) they have added extra columns and a plate to stabilise the hip / pelvis.  Well that’s my understanding of it in layman’s terms. They are not 100% sure that the fumar  isn't  involved. Questions that we need answers to, to know which is the correct way to proceed! So much to think about at the moment. Perhaps tomorrow will be better once we have had time to digest everything that has happened today. 

Take Care