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what a mess

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Don't know where to start hubby was recently diagnosed with an 11cm tumour above his left kidney. We seen the consultant who said it would be discussed at the MDT which we knew was the procedure...the general consensus of the MDT was that it should be removed via open nephrectomy, which we were happy with, got given the date etc and thought no more of...we then were invited for a meeting with another consultant who said he could do it keyhole, we thought happy days less recovery time etc.. So Monday (9thjuly) arrived and my hubby had his embolisation, (its the first time i've ever seen a grown man cry with the pain, he said it was excruciating) The op was done via 8hrs worth of keyhole surgery  on the Tuesday,  the consultant said it went well, as you can imagine the relief was immense.....until the next day when my hubby text me to say he had to go back to theatre as the consultant suspected he left a plastic retrieval bag inside him...6hrs later he went to theatre,had further surgery to remove the bag that was left next to his liver

to say i'm furious is an understatement. The consultant phoned me and all he could say was no comment, he could not answer any questions i asked..apparently everything we want to know would be covered in his report..

where do we go from here, my hubby is obviously still in hospital as his pain is not under now reluctant to trust any staff in the hospital, are we entitled to support from anywhere else

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OMG i am so sorry to hear this i really hope your husband is soon on the road to recovery, how awful for you and your family to find out that your husband had to have another operation to remove a plastic bag left inside the wound by the surgeon,  the only advice i would like to give is for you to speak with someone from PALS as they are supposed to be neutral they may be able to help.  thoughts and prayers are with you all and i hope your husband is soon back home recovering from his ordeal