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Has the wait made it worse.

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When my husband had a ct scan we were told that he had a tumour on his left kidney. When we saw a consultant we found out that it had spread to the vena cava. At that time the concern was that he would not be strong enough to survive the massive surgery so he was admitted to hospital for further tests.  We have now been told that the liver is also affected and surgery is no longer an option . From the initial ct scan til now it has been 8 weeks.  Surely this is far too long to go with no treatment.  Has anyone experienced a similar diagnosis and what has the outcome been? Can anyone give me some hope. 

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Hi Jennieclvr

To answer your main question directly.

Has the wait made it worse? No. I don't think so.

If you read Raythemans post you will see that from Ct scan to operation he waited about five weeks. That timescale IMHO is fantastic. Unheard of just a short time ago.  The gold standard I would like to see everywhere.

Again IMHO KC does not grow that fast that a few weeks make a big difference.

My original surgeon performed about 25 Nephrectomies a year. He referred me on to another surgeon who did about 500 a year. this maybe an option for you.

Alternatively the medical team may decide that the best treatment path for you is to treat with “chemo” first to shrink the tumours.

Use Google with caution. So much of the information is out of date.

I wish you well and know how difficult these early days are


May the sun shine on your face and the road rise up to meet you

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The problem might have been where the tumour was? Mine was in the same place 3 years ago and I had to have an open partial nephrectomy and waited 8 weeks for my surgery.

I was told that some types of tumour which position over the vena cava spread more quickly than in other areas of the kidney.

Mine was removed but I was warned that it can travel quickly if it’s in that position and it could go up to my brain, heart or lungs or downwards.

Exactly 3 months after surgery a lump came up in the vein in my leg and I have two small ones in my throat. Mine do not respond to chemo and I can’t have radiotherapy again, so they are going to try to remove the one in my leg because it’s growing very fast.

It seems that I’m going to keep getting them and it’s a matter of waiting to see what happens next for me but I really hope you get some answers but I’m beginning to realise that it can be a guessing game sometimes.

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Hi Titus,

Thank you so much for your helpful and sympathetic reply.  We have now been sent back to the hospital nearest to our home and, as an in patient, things should start moving pretty quickly.