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Pre-op waiting etc- new here

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I had an ultrasound on 15 March and a CT scan on 31st. I have a 12cm tumour and will need the kidney removed by open surgery. Today they have allocated 9 May for that; pre-op assessment is 24 April. I had seen a GP on March 1 and had blood tests on 8th which gave no cause for concern.

The CT scan shows no apparent spread but I understand that this cannot be confirmed until after the surgery.

I'm a 58-year-old man, a couple of stones overweight. I play a bit of competitive tennis.

Two questions-

Do the timescales here give the outcome a chance to be worse than it could be (am I waiting too long?)?

What should I do between no and then to get as fit a possible for the operation?

Thanks everyone

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Your time scales seem to be quite quick.  They certainly are compared with my experience of 4 months.

Obviously waiting is a worry and as with any cancer the sooner the tumour is gone the less chance there is of it seeding cells elsewhere. This latter possibility is an unknown.

If there was an opportunity to have the surgery earlier I would certainly opt for it, but we live within the constraints of our Health Service, unless you opt to go private.

Re preparation for the surgery then the fitter you are the better.  You should consider modifying your diet and improving your exercise, with emphasis on the aerobic side of things.  If you smoke then obviously stop smoking.  Consider adding some meditation into the mix.

You are correct about the CT scan.  It is only once they have tissue in the lab that they can be definitive.

Good luck.


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Try to keep an eye on your weight drink water go for regular walks, time scales are ok they will know this as long as it doesn’t touch anything else you’ll be ok . I’m 5 years now just had my scans but they won’t tell you anything for weeks . 

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Hi.  I'm 65,. Saw my GP due to blood in my urine mid October.  Two weeks later was in a one stop NHS clinic in South wales. Had camera examination of my bladder, ultrasound scan & CT scan all at that appointment.  A week later, (1st November 2017), had a phone call asking me to go to the hospital to see the consultant that afternoon.  Told I had a 5 cm tumour on my right kidney, and cancer was established throughout my right kidney that afternoon.  Also told full diagnosis only possible from biopsy after the op.  Had the open radical nephrectomy four weeks later on 30th November & that appointment was given to me when I saw the consultant the afternoon of 1st November.  3 days in hospital then continued my recovery at home.  Biopsy showed the type of cancer I had was renal Cell Carcinoma.  I had a kidney profile blood test mid February, and another mid march.  Both have come back showing my remaining kidney is functioning perfectly normally, which is excellent news.  I had a scan almost 3 weeks ago, and am expecting the result of that early next week.  Told I will have blood tests every 2 months for at least a year, & blood pressure checks every quarter for life. 

Do please eat sensibly & drink plenty.  Take plenty of exercise.  After the surgery, take all help on offer, & take regular walks.  Stick to the dietary advice you are given.   

Do speak to the oncology nurses if you have any questions, as you have literally been flooded with details & it's a lot to take in.  When I had my diagnosis I was given hospital literature on kidney cancer.  I was also given excellent literature from MacMillan, at the hospital.  Their people are excellent and all you have to do is register and they have a plethora of advice.  They also have clinicians you can talk to.  Best of success to you.  Ray


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In reply to Raytheman

This is one of the most encouraging posts I have read in a long time.

Eight years ago when I was first diagnosed this site was full of stories of delayed and late diagnosis.

Blood in urine which was routinely treated by GPs with antibiotics only to be revealed 12, 24 or even 36 months later as KC.

There have been major advances in “chemo: treatment over the last few years but early diagnosis is the key to treating KC.

Lets hope they roll out these one stop clinics across the country.


May the sun shine on your face and the road rise up to meet you

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Hi Titus

I honestly thought that was happening.  They work so very well.  To be in a clinic hat your GP has referred you to in just under 2 weeks from when you were referred and to have most or all the tests you need at that appointment, really does cut down on waiting time.  The support has been tremendous too.  My best wishes to you Titus.