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complex cancerous cyst and mets in lung

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Hi I had a partial nephrectomy in 2007 and left 3mm mets in lungs. Just been for my 10yr CT scan Christmas just got and they found a complex cyst that's cancerous measuring 15mm. This is in the remaining kidney of which I only have 3cm left. Also they found a large tumor in my lungs , not said yet the size. But its not the mets from 2007 that's growth. I'm awaiting test to find out if is metastes or a new cancer.

Due to my partial nephrectomy, my other kidney is now in failure, so having any removal of what kidney i have is not a option and the same for chemo.  I'm limited.

Anybody got any ideas or help of advice.

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Hi there

I was in a similar position last July; there was an apparent 12mm tumour which nobody was certain whether was a slow-grower RCC met or a NEW case of lung cancer. A mind-numbing shock on top of everything else experienced during this 'war'.

Man, you get my sincere respect for being a 10 year veteran, if you follow.   

Did you say -both- your kidneys are non-functional -- is the 3cm all that's left of the 'good' one?  Is dialysis part of your treatment atm?

God bless -- keep updating us.

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Hi thanks for the reply,

NO 3cm is the cancerous one but the other is shrinking too, around 7cm. I have haemodialysis at present.

Sorry to hear news. Where was the cancer eventually found renal or lung ?. Sounds like you have been suffering 

awhile too.

Good luck...keep in touch

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Hi Smiler.

Originally, Mr. Marchbank, the super-eccentric but ultimately uniquely gifted thoracic surgeon at Derriford Hospital thought it was a new case of primary lung. He advised half the lung be removed, for just a pea sized tumour. Well, that was news no-one wants to hear, but it turned out to be slow growing --a RCC met. The primary surgery was fine -- but let's not discuss trans-thoracic needle biopsies, that was quite something and I won't bore you with the trivia.

If you'll allow, what is your immediate plan, going forward, as discussed with your oncologist? 

You've gone through it and it isn't bloody fair, but having been through similar, I know you'll be a-fightin' just like I did.

Respect to you.

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Hi apologies for the delay with a reply. Ive been in hospital. Docs wanted to try to do a biopsy but it was unsuccessful. I just bled out

The consultant are talking about leaving the complex cyst, calling it Active surveillance but I'm not happy. Why leave cancer to spread?

Still waiting on results about the lung. Just don't seem to rush. I'm frustrated.

 Anyway less about me.  How are you doing?  Have you got plans ?

keep well