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Votrient (Pazopanib)

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I was at the hospital on Thursday for the results of my latest scan I have been off treatment for about 6 months as I could not tolerate Sutent Although the cancer in both lungs has grown the consultant i saw is not too worried and it has not spread anywhere else.


He said since I did not get on well with the Sutent he suggested this other  drug Votrient as I may get on better with it,He said he would need to write to get permission to give me this drug that floored me when he said that so basically it is up to someone I have never met to decide whether I get this drug or not.


Has anyone else tried this drug did their consultant have to get permission for them to get it.I stay in Scotland so I am wondering if where you stay has something to do with what drug you get.

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Hi Joan

Not sure how it works in Scotland but assume it works with it being set up as a number of PCTs (Primary Care Trusts ). In which case it may well then be that he then has to get approval from the Trust that they will pay for it. My wife is being treated via BUPA and so that hasn't happened to us but if she was being treated on the NHS then I think we would have had the same to deal with. Shortly after she started on Sutent there was a report on the local news where a younger woman in our PCT had to fight tooth and nail to get funding for Sutent.

Fingers crossed it comes through and that the Votrient works for you