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Cant get this question out of my head and loosing sleep!

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Ok, I feel extremely stupid for asking this question and I hope someone out there has the answer and can help, But after being diagnosed with KC I was told my tumor is small (how small I dont know yet) my question is can a small say stage 1 tumor spread (matastize however thats spelt) or is it just the later stages?

I would love to know even if its unlikely to spread just want to know if it can!


thanks in advance

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Hi you would also need to know not only the stage but the grade of your tumour.Its not the size of the tumour but the stage and grade of the tumour and also if it's contained or if there is any lymph node or other organ involvement you could ask your consultant as to what your scan has shown or contact the urology nurse re results and the possibility of any spred.Cruton x
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Hi Malcolm.  A level 1 cancer is the lowest level.  One thing about kidney cancer is that it is usually contained within the material around the kidney and can be got out in one piece.  It won't necessarily spread, and even if you get it in another place (as I did), it doesn't necessarily mean it's not going to be treatable (my second bout was).  A lot depends on your overall state of health and your state of mind.  Dale Carnegie said to accept the worsed possible outcome and try to improve on it.  There are all sorts of implications to the first part of that. The second bit means keeping reasonably well exercised, eating and drinking sensibly and maintaining a positive outlook.  Sounds like you'll be fine.  Good luck.

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The straight answer is yes it can ...

 ... but like Scraton says, there's more to it than just size.  They can look at the scan and estimate its size and make a judgement how likely it is that there could be spread already, but they don't know anything for sure until they get it out and into a lab for tests.  The pathology report on the removed kidney has lots of info and size is just one.  As you know, the stage is important, have a look at this, it explains it well.

The pathology report will indicate the Fuhrman grade (1 to 4) which looks at how the cancer cells compare to nomal with grade 1(more normal) generally being less aggressive and perhaps less likely to spread than grade 2 etc.

And then there's the cancer type - clear cell, papillary, etc. and even sub-types, each of these has a different prognosis.  Put all this (and the rest) into the mix and out comes statistics.  These statistics indicate how likely or not a disease could progress, but you are an individual. 

Statistics said QPR would get walloped by Chelsea last week? QPR won.

Welcome to the lottery.

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Thank you all for such a positive and clear response, it was just something that I could not shake from my head! I am so glad I joined up here the information you all provide is invaluble to me.


again thanks for all your support and wish you all the best