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First Cycle Of Sutent

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Hi Everyone,

I've been on my first cycle of Sutent now for 3 weeks and for now have the following side effects: -

  • Head ache / severe pain
  • Tiredness
  • Sore Mouth

From what i've read i can't find other people having the severe head aches, so does anybody on here also suffer from this?

Blood pressure is also fine so i can rule this out for now at least.

Be good to hear from you all and make some new friends.

Carole x

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Hi Carole,

I am taking votrient not sutent, but believe the symptoms can be similar.During my first cycle I suffered with severe headaches, stomach pain and a very sore mouth,

This all subsided during the second cycle and I have felt really well albiet very very tired.

I do still get headaches and stomach pain, but have a hiatus hernia, so believe the drug is just playing it up, the headaches are just normal headaches and not all the time like they were, so things do get better.

I'mI due to have surgery next week, so will have a break from the drug, but will go back on it at a lower dose 2 weeks after, so I'm hoping that I won't go through the side effects again.

Wishing you well.


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Hi Denise,

Its so nice to talk to someone with what sounds like a similar situation to me. I started in December 2011 with a cold and sore throat and was subsequently left with a harsh dry cough. By February all my colleagues were telling me to go to the doctor after seeing all the adverts on tv. She arranged a chest xray  as i requested because although i have never smoked, i have worked on a psychiatric ward for 16 years. She prescribed post nasal drip and gave me a nasal spray. This had no effect so i was then prescribed lansoprazole for gastric acid reflux as i was vomiting with all the coughing.  My chest x ray was clear which was a relief.

Another month passed with no improvement and then she decided i had asthma and gave me an inhaler. Eventually saw my own gp in June who prescribed an upper respiratory infection and gave me antibiotics and cough medicine.

These had no effect and the sickness was almost daily so he decided to do some blood tests. These came back with my potassium high, heamaglobin low and anaemic. Apart from asking if i had blood in my stools and feeling my neck, underarms and groin i was sent away again. 

I was telling a colleague at work and she said i should test my urine. This showed off the scale with blood although none was visable. My gp then tested it and said i had a urine infection so prescribed antibiotics.

Eventually i was sent for an ultra sound and a cystoscopy and was told i had a large suspicious mass on my left kidney which they wanted to remove asap along with my kidney and adrenal gland, I was absolutely devastated but even more so when a week later a CAT scan revealed i had 3 tumours in various parts of my lungs which could not be removed.

I had a radical nephrectomy done laperoscopically a few weeks later and spent 3 days in hospital. I had read a lot of horror stories on the internet but i actually recovered really well.  The tumour was over 10cm but only left with a 2" scar.

I started Sutent 9 weeks later as a second scan revealed no shrinkage but slight growth in the lung tumours.

Are you having a similar operation? if you are then don't worry about it as within 5 weeks i felt back to normal. I hope this goes well for you.

I have a wonderful husband, 5 children and 3 grandchildren who were all devastated but we are taking one day at a time and remaining positive.

Really glad to hear from you.

Best wishes,