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Cabozantinib after Pazopanib

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Hi there

I'n new to this site and found you all whilst googling (i know you shouldn't do that!) info on cabozantinib.

My father had a successful period of 18 months on pazaopanib but after a new secondary tumour was located earlier in the year was put on to nivolumab.

He has been on this for 10 weeks but unfortunately during this time has had significant growth in his existing tumours.

So we're now on to his last chance drug of cabozantinib.  I know this is a cousin drug to pazopanib and is relatively new but does anyone have any experience of success and/or side effects.

Feeling quite worried that we're on to his last drug choice now and whilst I'm trying to stay positive I wanted to have a better understanding of what might lie ahead of us!

Many thanks :-)

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Warm welcome to the Mac Community, sorry to read about your father though :(

Don't have any experiece with this combo but carried out a group search and you can find all the messages that mention Cabozantinib clicking here.

There is also this info page covering Cabozantinib.

It will give you something to look into while you wait more experienced replies from the regular members here :)

Take care, G n' J

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Thank you so much for taking the time to do that :-)