Survival Data for Radio Frequency Ablation

Hi, I'm new, recently diagnosed with a 2.5 cm tumour on my right kidney - no symptoms yet. So, very lucky, and very very grateful for such an early diagnosis. I'm trying to decide on treatment. The consultant is pushing for radio frequency ablation (RFA). I'm a 60 year old ex smoker with high blood pressure - so he has some possibly valid concerns re surgery - although unfit I don't think I'm that bad a risk. RFA has some definate advantages with much reduced recovery time, though it seems to have poorer long term survival rates than surgery. I'd feel more comfortable about RFA if I could get some good statistical data, but there doesn't seem to be a lot out there. The data that is out there seems to finish about 2003/4, and doesn't do a good job of analysing survival rates by tumour size, site/location in kidney or grade and there are limited comparisions with keyhole nephron sparing surgery. If anyone out there can point me in the right direction I would be very grateful. David 

  • I dont have the same cancer - I went on our website and found some info - am not sure if it is detailed enough for your question but it is a start. Best Wishes, Jools xxxx

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  • Hi Jools,

    Thank You, that was useful. It didn't answer the stats question, but did answer some other questions I had. Its a very good, informative overview on radio frequency ablation.

    Best Wishes David