New kidney lump diagnosis

I had a radical Prostatectomy 23 years ago via the old open surgery method.  It came back after 6 years and I had to have 37 doses of RT. It all seemed to be ok albeit I had continual discomfort from that area. Due to AT, High blood pressure etc my doc put me on Warfarin and then Apixaban the latter of which which caused me to bleed.quite heavily. That was in mid September. Between the urologist and the renal consultant they could not decide if it was coming from a kidney or old prostate area. The urologist suggested it was Radiation Cystitis as I kept having UTIs and tried 4 different antibiotics before one worked. I have also been suffering with chronic IBS for ages which resists all treatment. Most of the discomfort comes from my right side just under my ribs. Bloating and wind. 

All my treatment and scans were cancelled because of the virus until I was given a CT scan on 11th May. They found a 7.5cm lump in my right kidney. The telephone consultation with my GP and the Urologist were less than positive about the future and any treatments.  I have now been for a pre-op assessment and the consultant anaesthetist was, like the other two, less than positive about surgery as I am 83 and not in very good shape.I would most likely have to go on dialysis and to quote "feel a lot worse than I do now".  I am waiting for a follow up consultation to see if other treatments are possible. Nobody seems to be in a hurry. It is also less than comforting to have to have telephone consultations rather than face to face. 

Has anyone any views on whether there is better treatment privately rather than the NHS? 

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    Noticed you haven't had any replies as yet, so I'll give your question a 'bump' in case anyone who can help missed it.

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  • I can’t answer your question because I was a lucky one with the NHS but I just wanted to say I’m so sorry they weren’t more positive for a better outcome for you

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    I'm sorry to hear about the situation you are in but welcome to the group.

    I'm afraid that I have no experience of private hospital so am not able to compare them.  I had all my treatment on the NHS and generally have been ok with what I have received.

    It is a strange time with the covid 19 situation but if you check with your medical team in some areas I understand that the cancer services have been transferred to private hospitals to keep them separate from the NHS facilities which are dealing with Corona virus patients.

    With kidney cancer 7.5cm is not regarded as being particularly big and it is also usually slow growing.  I know that some members have explored radio frequency ablation or cryo ablation.  I believe that these are less invasive than a nephrectomy but don't know how feasible they might be.

    Renal clear cell cancer is the most common cancer and this can be treated with a targeted biological therapy or immunotherapy.  These do not cure the cancer but can reduce it and hopefully manage it for a while.  Most people can manage the side effects reasonably but there are some that find these too much and they have to try to find one that suits them better.

    The other types of kidney cancer which are less common tend to have fewer treatments available as a smaller budget is used to research these treatments.  It may be that if they have not done so already they might undertake a biopsy to determine which type of kidney cancer you have.

    Hopefully the doctors can come up with a plan that works for you.  Please let us know what they say and what you decide.

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  • Thanks for your input.

    I had a face to face (privately) with my urologist and it was a lot more productive. He now wishes to wait 6 weeks before doing a CT angiogram to view the potential of embolisation. There are no other options for various reason. The CT scan that found the tumour was 6 weeks ago and the first scan was  in September, which was ultra sound not a CT and didn't pick anything up. He therefore thinks it strange that it has grown so fast or was it there and it wasn't picked up? He now wishes to see if it has grown since the CT scan before proceeding further. Watch this space.