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My tumour was found accidentally after usual blood test (too many red cells) My tumour its 10x8.4x8.4 . They told me only my tumour its inside and i dont have any other sign to spread anywhere. i already had my preop assesment and on 11.07 next month i will have radical neph. right kidney. My doctor said will be keyhole but if complications appear will open me . Im lost at this point ,i dont know what stage is my cancer i dont know if they will remove my adrenal gland. To be onest im scared to death . They told me after surgery i will not need any treatment i will be cured because its contained inside. But surgery itself scare me . I had make a big big mistake to look online for pictures how look this surgery and now i had very bad dreams. I think i will try to enjoy my last days of normal life.

  • Hello, I hope you're ok. I'm 43, was incidentally diagnosed due to a routine USS on 14th April. Left kidney tumour. Had a radical full nephrectomy on Friday morning 21/6, I'm doing ok, very swollen, pain not too bad. Scar where kidney removed hurts more than the laparoscopic areas. But it look like a fair old slice  hence the discomfort x

    At my 2nd appt back in May they told me I'd more than likely be a T2 ( no spread, contained in left kidney 8cm diameter tumour)  he said there were no complications during surgery on Friday and all Removed. Try not to worry, easier said than done, I'm still worrying only because you don't want to get an infection or hernia in the abdomen area which can be common. But I keep walking around the house , snoozing etc... so rest rest rest !! Still getting used to injecting myself even though I'm 4 days in., when 6pm comes I'm like a child.. I don't like doing it but needs must, 23 days to go!! Syringe
    is anyone else's abdomen swollen after surgery post 4 days? X 

    take care megdrim, here if you need to chat x 

  • Dear Megdrim. I had a partial nephrectomy on 13th June right kidney. I was terrified but was fortunate that my surgery went to plan and the tumour and nodules were removed. I was in hospital one night. My incisions are infected but I am having antibiotics. I would ask as many questions as you need to. I have found this the best website for promp answers and support.

  • Can you sit in chair? It’s ok? Even now still I don’t have any signs. I’m filling perfectly alright. I try to play computer games to keep my mind busy. But I can’t sleep. Last couple days I sleep only two hours 

  • I can sit, but only for 15 mins max as abdo starts to ache. I look at my phone instagram/tiktok food things .. keeps my mind occupied x 

    mom not sleeping very well , a few hours then I wake, can't get out of bed without assistance though at the moment so my husband gets me up every Time I need a wee! Persevere When you're normally an independent person this is not good. But slowly but surely it'll all be ok. 

  • My wife will be whit me .But im worry because im 85 kg and she is 45. I think i will have to move myself

  • She will still be able to help support you . 

  • yea she can roll me

  • You can buy urine bottle. Very useful.

  • I had surgery last thursday I was scared but all was well After op i had immense relief and i really feel happy all its over They send me home next day