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I googled and scared myself

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Hi Jakeb,

Chemo is tough but am getting through.  Have had five of six cycles so one more tax to go.  Although the extra steroids they gave me to get through pain ended yesterday for this cycle of Tax and so lastnight I felt like I had been hit by a truck and today I am not too happy, think it's a day of not doing much other than laying around in bed today.

My Eostrigen was moderately positive 5/8 nothing has been mentioned about ovaries etc but have told will have Tamoxifen after.


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Hi there everyone....

That phrase is scary but google is not our friend :) I was diagnosed last Feb - went through all the treatment and finally came out of it a year later with the usual battle scars.... however.....I did a mini triathlon for Sport Relief and two weeks ago did the Moonwalk in Edinburgh with a crowd of my friends and my daughter...last year at the same time one of my friends did it for me whilst I was lying in bed with the 2nd bout of T running round my year we're aiming to do London, Edinburgh and Iceland,....want to join us on any of these?! I know I'm mad but the most important thing is to think about what you enjoy doing and plan it in - life is here and now not 5 years down the line.....

Just take every day as it comes, I found it harder after treatment stopped as the head then started to think about everything. Now it's about enjoying every day that I have to the full - when I am forced back into my bed I won't be regretting all the days I did nothing!

I am based in the North east too - if there is anything I can do to help, physically or just to someone to have a coffee with - let me know! :)

Nellie xx

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Hi Nellie,

Sounds like you have a great outlook and attitude towards this whole thing.   I have for the most part been positive about it until the Google incident.  I will get through this treatment and be able to do the things I enjoy again.  I am just finding it frustrating especially on days like today when I am in bed feeling a bit pants :)

Whereabouts in North East are you?



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Oh I know - it's hell, especially when the weather is good - frustrating beyond belief! Be patient and allow your body to do what it needs to do now - faster to recover. And then spend time planning the "wish list" - google is fabulous and highly recommended for that!!  Time flies so don't get too hung up on what you can't do right now - and even during treatment I had some amazing things I would never let anyone take away from me that would never have happened if I hadn't had cancer?

Chemo meant I actually had some fab long hours sat with my daughters catching up on their nonsense that they often don't have time to tell me about - made me laugh soooo much especially when pulling icicles from my hair (I used the cap)

Post op - the whole family - my four kids / daughters boyfriends / my folks - descended on my bedroom with my bed as picnic table and whilst they glugged back the wine I had morphine and laughed til I cried!! Probably aided by the fact my daughter slightly "overdosed" me on the morphine lol. This was a night I will never forget - it was so special - and at Xmas my daughters fiance told me it was one of the best and most memorable nights ever - felt like part of such a big and mad family. 

Radiotherapy - my folks took me every day and it's a 90 mile round trip for us - so we used it as an opportunity to try EVERY (and I mean EVERY) tea shop in the Northumberland / Durham region! Brilliant! Although granted this was at the start..... :)

Cancer - pah - it's just another thing that has happened - it doesn't define you if you don't let it.

I did a blog which was helpful for me and those around me as a means to communicate during the hard times. 

I'm based in the Tyne Valley but travel loads with work so ping me if you want to meet a mad woman :)

N xx