Hodgkin lymphoma

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Anyone been diagnosed in their teens?

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I was diagnosed with a rare form of Hodgkins Lymphoma -- (LP Hodgkin Lymphoma) at eighteen. 

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and welcome, though sad you’ve needed to find your way here......HL is sadly the most common type of cancer in late teens and twenties. 

just to say  this on line community has an age limit, so younger folk won’t be on here..... 

hope things are ok for you? Have a thought about filling in a bit of information on your profile, it helps folk who reply, doesn’t have to be a lot, click on your site name and then on ‘edit my profile’ and then save when you’ve done it. Mine is long as daughter had a persistent HL and then I got cancer last year too. 

hugs xxx


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Hi and a seconf welcome to the Comunity but so sorry that you needed to find us.

LPHL is indeed rare but we have had a few folks with this type over the years so lets see if they pick up on your post.

As moomy says, there is a lower age limit so not many young folks will post but at the same time any of the HL folks will be able to help you navigate the treatment journey.

What have your team said about treatment options so far?

Can I highlight the Teenage Cancer Trust, just follow this link and have a look at what they offer.

You may find our various Macmillan Support Line Services to be helpful - call them on 0808 808 00 00 This free service covers Emotional Support, Practical Information. Clinical Information, Financial Support and Work Guidance mostly open 8.00 to 8.00 but check the link.

We also have our ‘Ask an Expert’. section where you can post questions to our mostly Volunteer Experts but please allow 2 working days to get a reply.

We are always around to help out as best as we can.

Mike - Thehighlander

It always seems impossible until its done - Nelson Mandela

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Hi Abbyrs1997,

I had Hodgkin's Lymphoma when I was 13, I’m now 27. If you want to ask any questions feel free to do so. I’ve always felt pretty disconnected from people and I struggle to find people who can relate to my experiences, especially younger people. I’d find it very beneficial to speak to people with a similar experiences and just to hear how people deal with living in remission and living in the fear it could come back. 

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hi and a warm welcome to you.

Wow, 14 year on from treatment........ you would never think that it would take so long to move on, but sometimes part of this crappy journey can hang around.

Some folks can move on quickly but for others it has to be worked at. I know that you are well down the road but we would often post this great paper, but nothing is better than talking with folks face to face.

I have been on my Non Hodgkin's lymphoma journey for over 20 years now and eventually I found my local Maggie’s Centre to be a great help with the post treatment life.

To receive all the posts for the HL group you need hitting ‘Join the Group’ tab just under the main group name. Its also good to indicate how you want to revive email notifications of any posts.

You can also have your own discussion thread - just hit 'Start a Discussion' tab and set up your own Discussion and introduce yourself to the group.

Always around to talk or help.

Mike - Thehighlander

It always seems impossible until its done - Nelson Mandela