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Bruising on hands from cannulas

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Hi there,

I've always had a little bit of a problem with my veins as they're quite small.  However, I've got into a good routine each time by using a heated beanbag on my hands in advance to bring the veins up, and now the cannula insertion hasn't proved too difficult.

However, I have a bruise on my left hand, and the vein feels a little swollen and sore - this from a cannula about 6 or 7 weeks ago and it doesn't seem to be improving much.  It's meant that my last three treatments have all been done with a cannula in my right hand.  However, my last treatment resulted in a large bruise on my right hand and now that is really tender also.

The same treatment two weeks ago also resulted in some pain further up my arm and I now have a small bruise and a tender vein on the inside of my elbow (where they'd normally take blood from).

So my questions are, has any one suffered with similar and the slow time for it to heal up?

Any advice on how to improve the situation?  My chemo nurse suggested applying a gentle heat pack to aid healing.

I was wondering about trying something like arnica gel/cream - has anyone tried this before?

I'd be really interested for any opinions,

thank you


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Hi Kairen, sorry to hear the issues you are having.

My main Chemo and Stem Cell Transplants were all done using PICCs and Hickman Lines so it removed all these issues.

But following all my treatment during my months of blood transfusion and weeks getting iV antibiotics it was cannulas. My veins are not great and I do have some bad bruising and some pain - I was also told to use heat pads.

Lets see if anyone comes back with more advice.

Gental ((hugs))

Mike - Thehighlander

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Hi Kairen, 

do keep a close eye on that problem vein, and if it gives you trouble still, speak to your specialist nurse, ABVD is particularly tough on veins. You might want to think about getting a PICC line for the rest of your treatment, as if you’re running out of options it might be difficult to find the veins they like for emergency purposes? 

Hugs xxx


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Thanks guys. I did discuss a PICC line with my consultant after for first treatment as it took 5 attempts and 2 hours to get a cannula in!

He wanted me to persevere with the cannulas due to the increased risks of infection and blood clots from PICC lines. I know that if my veins get bad enough that may be the only option. 

I was hoping thought someone might have some other ideas apart from the heat packs to aid healing. 

I was wondering about arnica cream or gel as I know that can help with healing bruises. 

Ill talk to my chemo nurse again at my next treatment on Friday. 


Kairen x