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MuGard unavailable

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Hi All

I am jeff I had my treatment from 2009 my medication included MuGard which I found excellant with regards to dry mouth and throat, however for the past 6 months it has been unavailable. I tried to manage my condition without it as my GP could not find an alternative also my pharmacy was unable to help. I know there must be an alternative can anyone help ??




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Hello Jeff.  A friend of mine is a nurse in America.  She recommended MuGard to me but like you I was unable to get it prescribed by my Oncologist.  However I still have all the info she gave me which includes forms for obtaining it and the email address of AMAG who supply it.  If you're interested I'd be happy to let you have the details.  It does not say how much it would cost. 

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Hello Jeff

               how are you I too have trouble with dry mouth and airways and find it really hard to cope with when i first had my cancer treatment things were not too bad but since things have gone from bad to worse, i too am unable to find any salivary substitute that works or feels that it should be in my oral cavity i have tried gels and sprays,

                               regards    grandadbob14       aka    james

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Hello Jeff.   I am just over five years from treatment for a floor of mouth cancer and the radiotherapy has also left me with a dry mouth ... so am I correct in assuming that you used the MuGard for a dry mouth and not mucositis / ulceration ?

There are mouth rinses available in the UK which may be similar to MuGard, those being Gelclair or Caphosol ( this is rather expensive though ) so you may like to ask your doctor about these.

For a dry mouth I find the Biotene or BioXtra products are helpful, especially the gel at night and there is also an excellent dry mouth spray called AS Saliva Orthana which can be ordered from Boots and obtained by prescription. Hope you find something suitable to help your mouth as it can be a distressing side effect to the treatments.

Joycee x

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I had to look that up, I never had anything during my treatment. Caphosol, Gelclair, MuGard are now available I see.

All I was told about was sugar-free sweeties, which I buy from Aldi.  I still get dry mouth  esp  when driving for some reason, when all moisture gets sucked right out and my tongue feels like a strip of carpet.  Those little Aldi sweets sort me out, I keep them in my handbag & driver's side door