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Barbed Wire Burps

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Chemo seems to have given our Dave acid reflux or in his words Barbed wire burps. I guess this is a mild issue compared to what's to come but he now wont eat and it's too early for him to give up food.

The drugs he was given this morning have not worked - anyone had any similar issues and have any tips?

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Hello Doylescat.   I am sorry that Dave has started to suffer from side-effects so early in his treatment as he's got a way to go yet. Regarding the drugs that he was given, it may be a case of letting them get into his system first before writing them off as not working. However, if the problem continues then it's best to mention it to the medics at the hospital as they will prescribe something else.

Food and nutrition ...... I have to say here that if Dave stops eating then the chances are that he will have to be tube-fed, otherwise he is at risk of both dehydration and weight loss. Believe me, I have been there when at the end of my radiotherapy I couldn't even take a sip of water as it was like battery acid. So I ended up being admitted to a Ward to have various drips; painkillers / anti-sickness drugs administered via a syringe driver and a nasogastric feeding tube. Even my RT mask had become too big with the lost weight, but luckily there was only two fractions to go so it sufficed.

So please encourage him to keep trying with his food ...... if normal meals become difficult he can ask for the likes of Ensure Plus drinks ( liquid medical food ) The body really takes a hammering and needs all the nutrition you can get down in order to recover. It's a long journey but possible, good luck.

Joycee x

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Hi Doylescat

After my husband had his second dose of chemo he took the hiccups really badly and every time he did he felt as though he was going to be sick.  After a full day of this one of the nurses said that this can happen after chemo.........after a few days if just stopped.  Hope it is the same for Dave.


xx Lemon

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phew, thanks guys the burps seem to have stopped! Mint tea seemed to help.