hello folks

hi to everyone, i havent said a hello to this the group im classed under, i have been nosing around on the mac site and come on now and again to see whats going on with people in similar circumstances. so here i am.

my proper name is joseph (joe), i found out after some delay in 2006 that i had squemish cell carsinoma of the nasal septum and vestibul, i had surgery in jan 2007 ( unfortunatly more intense than had been at first envisaged ), ( i lost my complete nose, some bone area, and internal tissue.) ive been through rad treatment, and i am still going through facial prosthetics, theres no chance of rebuilding due to surgery and changes within the bone structure.

but here i am still alive, and still kicking trying hard to get on with life, so to others out there with a similar problem,  A Big HI FROM ME. regards SKI