Another step forward but still in a daze

Thanks to everyone who has messaged me, just to let you know my very bumpy Radical Treatment regime has commenced. I've had 2 sessions of RT and 1 of Chemo. That mask is pretty uncomfortable and after 20 minutes I'm ready to rip it off !  I'm sceduled for 30 R/T sessions and 6 cycles of Cisplatin, all performed at Bristol Oncology unit. The hardest part for me is combining treatment with a 4 hour return journey every day. Like so many people who are not on benefits, I'm going to find the whole thing a huge financial burden but  Hey Ho, the end result is a Cure. I've had my PEG fitted and for me the prospect of loss of taste and inability to swallow is pretty well impossible to imagine ....I'm an ex professional Chef and a total foodie. I'm working on lots of new sauce and soup recipes at the moment and I'm determined to keep eating real food until it's physically impossible to continue.  The whole process of dealing with "the beast" has brought home to me just how easy it is to coast along thinking that everything is ok, then bang! I'm no longer in control and my whole world has collapsed around me. I'm so lucky to have a supportive wife, two amazing daughters and a village community who have all rallied around us. Still there are times when it all gets too much and I just have to have a little weep.

Being able to share my thoughts and feelings with people who have experienced and fought through this process is incredibly important and I hope to get to know you all (in a Cyber way) over the coming weeks and months. A journey of a thousand miles really does begin with a single step but unfortunately with Cancer, we don't have the luxury of being able to determine when that first step is taken ... we're just pushed.

Thoughts to everyone  Chris from South Somerset