good day

i think finally a good day to share, the yukky mucas seems to have ( nearly ) stopped, just a little reminder once in a while, and today hubby said he felt like going to the golf course to knock a few balls around wow !!  so we went early before the sun was too high, sun cream applied, i wouldn't normally go with him but not happy to let him loose just yet , luckily enough he has a golf cart on site, so we drove around and he managed 8 holes !  scores were terrible, this is a 8-9 handicap player here, but he hasn't played since last year, and he has been very poorly from about the 3rd week of treatment , that started 1st march, and a stay in hospital when we could easily have lost him , mainly due to his gp not taking me seriously when i called him out !

he is eating a lttle , porridge , soup ( with lumps ) custard  ,banana ,cauli even , still having some energy drinks via the PEG, but also manages to drink one of them every day now, medication being swallowed, tablets crushed admittedly, and the best bit of news-- not today but monday, the last mri scan didn't pick up any dregs of cancer left after radio/chemo therapy and consultant couldn't feel anything so no operation needed, that is a big bonus

well thats my news , i hope everybody else is doing well , take care  linda.