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Head and neck cancer

A place for people affected by head and neck cancers, including oral, throat , larynx (voice box), salivary glands, middle ear, and sinus and nasopharyngeal cancer. Support one another, ask questions, and share experiences.


f halkett
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hello again , thanks for everyone who replyd to my post radio help please . we are just wondering if any one has experianced bad beat as in hartbeats . jamie is 17 days after radio and keekps getting irregular beats he has had a ecg and a tape he has been told he has a few  early beats but nothing to worrie about but he thinks it is he has never had these before no smoker or drinker exremly fit . any one had this ?

Nina the survivor
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yes i was told i had an erratic heart beat they even called it 'a bit of a murmur' but it went and has never returned. I also think we are so stressed with all the treatment that it can make our bodies raect in funny ways. the Rt and surgery is just so radical.