feeling stressed

Hi Everyone, recently joined . Found this site last year when my mum was diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer, found it helpful to see how others were coping.  Mum passed away five months after diagnosis.  My brother has recently been diagnosed with mouth cancer.  It is on his soft palate and whole of left cheek and spread to lymph nodes in his neck.  He has recently had a PEG fitted which is causing him  a lot of pain.  Surgery has tentatlively been discussed but he does need to gain weight.  I do feel my brother has left it too late for anything to be successful.  I thinkk this cancer started about 18 months ago. 

 My Dad has also recently been diagnosed with prostrate cancer.  Fortunately it is in its early stages.  He has opted to have the prostrate removed. Operation maybe on same day my brother has his surgery.  Fortunately they will be at the same hospital and I could save money on parking charges.

I'm very concerned about the operation my brother might have to undergo, they say it will be about 10 hours long. They also will have to reconstruct the jaw.  I keep thinking will the surgery be worth it. What about the pain? Will he live any longer if he has the operation?  I see surgeon on Wednesday and I have a lot of questions that I want to ask.  Regards stevessister


  • You replied to another post and asked about the PEG ,I have had one fitted since March and its fallen out twice.Both times my fault for not changing the water in the balloon often enough.

    To answer your question, yes it is painful for a while but after a very short time he will not even notice it. I got the end of mine on the end of one of these wrist straps you get with cameras etc, but it is a long one as it hangs from my neck and keeps it out of the way. Although it is frowned on by the medical profession, a lot of us PEG user put a drop or more of are favorite tipple down As long as you flush it.

    It will get easier. Anytime you need a chat about anything I'll me more than happy to listen and help if I can. I in the last stages of throat cancer, no I am not on my way out ,but treatment wise. Soon as I get my throat opened up I am of for a pint.

    Look after yourself, and I hope your brother is feeling a little better.

  • thanks for your reply,  Steve had a better day today because he remembered to take painkillers before having food.  Good to know soon he won't even know it is there.  At the moment he is able to eat almost normally so he can still enjoy a drink, though at the moment he isn't mixing alcohol and painkillers together. thanks again