Update 12 Months On

Hi One and All,

Back on the forum, dont know for how long - it like you are playing a game of ping pong and then the ball goes missing and end of forum.

Anyways.  Hubby finally got things sorted and is today having his RIG.  Believe it is the balloon type so different to last time.  Meds already administered.  They have told him that it cannot be used for 24 hours so leaving naso-gastric tube in until Sunday/Monday in case of problems (makes sense).  

Monday another x-ray swallowing test and all being well discharge late Monday or Tuesday (apparently can take 6-8 hours for pharmacy to issue prescriptions etc.)  He is still using the nebuliser and has found it very helpful so it may be prescribed for him to use at home.  Don't know if anyone uses these at home and how it works but if not can you purchase for the home?

He cannot wait to get home and rest in his own bed so fingers crossed everything goes smoothly and I can finally get him home.  Original stay booked 3-5 days, will be nearly 3 weeks when he gets home.

Love to All and Stay Safe.  


  • Hi Margaret Glad you’ve finally got on site yes it’s a bit challenging to say the least. The nebuliser I used one for quite a few weeks my hospital gave me one along with the saline solution  plus I also used plain boiled water as sometimes the saline dried me out Never put  any essential oils or anything in. Finger  x you get him home soon and the outlooks not as grim as you first thought .

    Yes you can buy nebuliser s but ask hospital first.

    sendi g hugs Hazel x

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