Update on 12 Months On

Finally back on the forum.  Don't ask about passwords and lock-outs.

Wrote to thank everyone who had offered words of inspiration, wisdom, support the other day.  Spent 20 minutes typing it and Puff another post of into outer space.

Much thanks to Linda WT,  RRaz, Drivermason & Chris 2012.  

Hubby still in hospital and is beginning to improve due to him making demands around his care and having half the bigwigs in to sort out what should have been sorted days ago.

He is now on some sort of nebuliser? to thin the secretions that were chocking him and prevented him from coughing them up as he previously did.  After the first session he could miraculously reach higher notes that he had lost over the last 8-10 months so progress on that front.

Chest x-ray clear.  Dietician apologised for not seeing him sooner (no feed for nearly 3 days).  Feed changed to one that doesnt make him run to the loo.

SLT has ordered another swallow test as he proved to her that he can swallow water off a spoon and out of a bottle without chocking.

Physio also finally turned up and sorted first phase of excersises for affected shoulder.

Balloon type PEG being fitted thursday afternoon.  Possibly home next monday after swallow test.

So things beginning to move now in the right direction.

Thanks for all your support helping me to get through those difficult days.


  • Its always good news once the swallow test has been passed so good luck with that, yes i know what you mean by some of the feeds try and steer clear of the ones that have fibre in them as i was terrible with them. Hope all goes well on Thursday with the PEG, he might find it a bit uncomfortable to begin with. Slowly but surely he is getting there, all the best ,take care .

                                                                   Chris x

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  • I e just replied to your other post fingers x swallow test pleased he’s passed that .Hazel x

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  • Morning Margaret

    Im glad things are now moving in the right direction.

    Its wrong that we have to push so much to get the care we need but unfortunately we do.

    My hubby had the PEG for several months and once he got used to it we managed ok.

    Excellent news re the swallow test.

    Hope things continue to improve.

    Love Sharon xx

    Sharon xx

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  • Hi Margaret

    That's great news that the various departments are at last getting involved with your husband's recovery.  

    I hope the swallow test brings more good news.  

    Linda x