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Side affects of radiotherapy after parotidectomy

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I finished radiotherapy in May 2019 after a parotidectomy.  In the last few months fluid is building up in my face for which I am doing exercises to try and massage it away.  I am concerned that I’ve started feeling nauseous and don’t know whether this is due to fluid build-up or maybe the cancer returning.  I’ve been having regular follow-ups with my oncologist and the lymphoedema clinic, but these have been cancelled due to corona, so I can’t ask anybody.  I’m not feeling any pain, so I hope it’s fluid and not cancer.  Can you tell me please whether this could be due to fluid.  Thank you.  Doreen

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It could easily be fluid. If you have lymphodema in your neck you can easily have done in your throat. I certainly did and I had a lot of nausea

i have missed two check ups due to COVID-19. My oncologist at my last phone appointment was at great pains to point out that they were still seeing patients and if there was anything worrying me I should call. 
So you should give the hospital a ring and get your mind put  at rest. 
Hope it’s nothing. 

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Hi Doreen 

i concur with what advise @Beesuit has given you I too had a telephone consultation a few weeks ago and it was made clear any doubts you have  to contact either your Macmillan team or consultants secretary ,they are working just not doing routine consultation so please get in touch voicing any concerns you may have. They can tell you much better but than  we can.Good luck,it’s probably nothing but best get the experts to tell you.


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Hello Doreen, as the other girls have said, it sounds more like a build-up of fluid and i tend to go down that route as well, i very much doubt if its anything sinister, as long as your appetite is reasonable, your weight stable, with no extra lumps or fatigue setting in you should be ok. Hopefully, the clinics will get back to some sort of normality and you can get these issues sorted, best wishes, take care.

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