Update on 12 Months On

Hi All,

Sorry I didnt get to thank all those who responded regarding my last post but events overtook us a little.  

Following the advice we contacted our GP and they gave us the Oncologists PAs phone number.  He got back to us with contact details of the CNS. Long story short hubby was booked in that week for an ultrasound scan (and biopsies) and an MRI with contrast.  A doctor on the Consultants team due to ring Monday or Tuesday with results and an appointment has been made for Thursday this week.  Reason being a swelling in the lymph nodes that were previously treated.

Since the biopsies the whole area of his neck has doubled in size so I am convinced it is the Lymphodema that he has had since treatment ended (September 2019).  Hopefully nothing more than that.  Will keep you posted.

Thanks in particular to Beesuit, Radioactive Raz, LindaWT, and Pyra?  Sos if I got anyone's handle wrong.


  • Hi. Lovely to hear from you.

    I hope you are looking after yourself too. Fingers crossed It’s just lymphodema certainly sounds it. 

  • Hi BrandyGirl

    Thanks so much for the update and I'm pleased you managed to get somewhere in the end!

    Good luck with the results and appt this week. 

    Take care both of you.

    Linda x

  • Thanks for the update BrandyGirl, good luck for the results and hope its just a hick-up along the road of recovery, as the other guys said it could well be the Lymphodema as it seems quite common in a few posts lately. Good luck and best wishes ,

                                                                                                                  Chris x