lip split op coming up for base of the tongue cancer

i keep getting lost on this site ,im no good whatsoever when it comes to using a computor; i only started yesterday ,and i did txt some one but what site i was on i have no idea,quite frustrating to be fair.but ill just keep banging on reguardless

  • Hi Hugg1

    You are on right sub site ,head and neck cancers now you have your own header  you can update on here and you will get your own replies.Chris who contacted you the  other night am sure he will pop back o. Chris  s cancer re occurred and is a minefield of info.Good luck keep us informed you can do this 


  • I think i answered this post the other day Hazel, i will have to have a look , Take care my friend .

                                                                                                Chris x

  • ill just try and stick on this site hazelx,but like i said im not to good with txting but its nice to speak,txt,to people in the same position as myself, regardless of where the cancer is,by the way i think the surgeon or dr whose incharge wants me to go into hospital 4 days defore my op due date,due to the fact that i like a good drink of john smiths ale and he says i could go into shock if i just stop drinking it in a onner,so they will give me a substitute of some kind,,,,,best safe than sorry any how enough of that and ill keep page updated as much as i can when things start to kick off,,,cheers hugg

  • Hi hugg,

    I’m sorry your cancer has resurfaced. A mandibulotomy and lip split is tough going. I hope you have someone that can give you lots of support at home. The side effects can be quite challenging but I’m sure your team have prepared you mentally for this.

    I’m coming up to nearly 4 years since my surgery. I went back to work after 7 months but had to push myself. Try and eat plenty now if you’re able as you’ll undoubtedly lose a lot of weight.  If there is anything I can help you with along your journey just ask away. 

    Keep us posted.

    Best wishes


  • hiya

    im not eating much at all at the moment,its just that the pain is intense and when i take to much morphine i get chronic constipation,and thats very painful to,im going in the hallamshire hospital for my op, at sheffield, little,fi but i was just wondering ,how long was your stay in hospital,,,,,cheers

  • Hi hugg,

    My stay was for 10 days but I think it depends on your personal situation ie: if you live alone. I had my husband and daughter to help me and also had a community nurse to come in daily and change my dressings on trachy site and thigh skin graft. 
    I hear you with the constipation, try to drink plenty of water. I still have problems with that because my diet isn’t great. Let your team know and they’ll prescribe something for you.


  • Hi hugg1

    I was prescribed Laxido while I was taking morphine to help with the constipation.  Hopefully you're now receiving free prescriptions due to your cancer diagnosis?  

    Linda x

  • thanks linda,i do get free prescriptions,and ill inform my dr about my problem regarding the toilet,but every thing as happened so fast,from going to the dr,s,2 mri,cat scan on the same day ,blood test then wham,op on 8th,but dont get me wrong at least things are moving linda,just got to get prepared,ill keep my txt open with updates of this and that, so see,s you later

  • thanks for that info little,fi 

    iv got a good family,who without a doubt,will be looking after me,god bless um,so hopefully ill be around 10/14 days in hospital,the thing is with me is ill be able to take any operation,or invasive treatment they will have to give me ,but stopping in hospital just doesnt appeal to me but like i said  what will be will be