Carboplatin - what to expect

Hi folks, 

Day 1 of chemo/radiotherapy starts July 6th with a half day of IV Carboplatin and first RT fraction. Whilst I’m aware that we’re all different, may I ask how people have gotten on with the Carboplatin? How unwell might I be and for how long?  Obviously I’ll be straight back into the unit on day 2 etc etc to continue the RT. 


Jo x

  • Hello Jo,

    My husband Is having 7 weeks of combined chemo and radiotherapy and his chemo is Carboplatin. We are Currently on week 3. When he came home from the first dose he was really tired, had dinner and then went to sleep, he was in bed by 7.30pm and slept right through. He was given anti-sickness medication, but I was up all night checking on him in case he was sick in his sleep - he was out cold! The next day he said he felt like he had a hangover, but wasn’t sick and had no other obvious side effects.
    The next 2 doses he had were slightly reduced due to results of kidney function tests, but he has been absolutely fine, no extreme tiredness, no sickness, just a few bruises from the needles.
    He is starting to suffer from the radiotherapy now though, very sore mouth and throat, eating and talking is painful for him.

    I hope your side effects from Chemo are gentle for you too
    From another Jo

  • Hi Jo, 

    Thank you for messaging. What a strange world we’re inhabiting now, made even stranger by the context of COVID. 

    I’m grateful to you for giving me some personal insight into the Carboplatin after effects. As suspected, it’s the radiotherapy that will deal the biggest blows.  

    Wishing you both strength and optimism. 

    Best wishes 

    Jo X


  • Hello Jo

    I'm 7 months post treatment with surgery/RT and 2 lots of Carboplatin. I was fine with the chemo but tiredness wise, it wiped me out for several hours after. Do take the anti sickness meds they give you even if you don't feel sick. Also, keep an eye on constipation as a result of the meds they give you, it can be problematic. I also had to do 2 kidney function tests before they would give me the 2nd lot of chemo as they weren't happy with my white cell level but, they only delayed by 1 day and they were then happy to proceed with treatment. Otherwise, I was fine. The RT has produced worse side effects.

    All the best


  • Hi Jo,

    Wishing you all the best for the beginning of your treatment today. I hope all goes well for you. My husband is still doing really well and has completed 4 out of 7 weeks of treatment, so over the halfway mark! He says everything tastes odd, but is still managing to eat small meals. The carboplatin has stayed at the slightly lower dose and he takes his anti-sickness medication and feels ok after treatment. No nasty side effects.