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Head and neck cancer

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Parotid Gland Cancer

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I’m newly diagnosed with a potential Mucoepidermoid cancer on the parotid gland. Had breast cancer in 2012 and Sepsis 2018. Waiting for Surgery in early July, does anyone on here have experience of this? I’m a v positive upbeat person usually but I’m really struggling this time! Any help appreciated. X

Janie D

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Hi Janie D welxome fo the head and neck forum I am Hazel I am 22 month post radiotherapy for tonsil cancer with several affected lymph nodes.Sorry can’t  help with partoid gland cancer but just wanted to touch base .Hopedully  someone will,pop,along with advise .I had 35 radiotherapy sessions and 2 chemotherapy detailed below is my blog with links to others but are mostly ORapharangeal cancers .

Good luck remain positive it does help as am sure you already know.

Hazel xx


Hazel aka RadioactiveRaz 

My blog is www.radioactiveraz.wordpress.com

i give a honest account of my experiences with tonsil cancer 

T2N2NM equals tumour size 2-4 cm 2 affected lymph nodes  later changed to several after pet ct scan NM no distant metastatic .35 radiotherapy sessions and 2 out if 3 planned cisplatin chemotherapy sessions.   Now fast approaching the 2 years since end of treatment. Good luck to anyone starting out will always help if I can  

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Good evening, when i had my first cancer operation i had one of my big saliva glands (parotid )removed and a few smaller ones, although my main op was for the floor of the mouth cancer but found the saliva glands to be suspect, to tell you the truth the removal and recover of the glands did not give me any worries and the area recovered ok, but of course, there is a lack of saliva from therein and I still have a dry mouth so drink plenty of liquid. A lot depends on how many they remove and how much, during the day im ok and can produce enough saliva to get by on but the drinking helps immensely. Please re-post if you want further help or advice. Best wishes, take care.

                                                                      Chris x

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