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Hey everyone my little girl has neuroblastoma she is only 3 and is going to be having surgery to remove her tumour ( she is in stage L1) has anyone else been in this situation with a young child before? I'm really looking for support please I'm so worried about her having surgery at such a young age  if her body will cope and at the time of year with this virus going about if so how long did your little one take to recover? She is my baby I really cant bear her to be going through this anymore.  My boyfriend and I have had big rows over it all and I threw him out our house.. I'm just so stressed and upset worrying over my little one and struggling to cope and worrying how my stress is effecting my pregnancy im 5 months pregnant with my second baby. he just seems to be being so cold and blunt and seems really uncaring towards me and our daughter and the baby I'm carrying and I dont want him here anymore. And he seems to be turning to things to cope that dont help like drinking heavily and smoking heavily doing nothing round the house,  I've had enough! I cant look after him to when I have my babies to think of and we should be a team on this and I feel I have to look after him to and it's making me seriously angry! I feel I cant speak to him as he dismisses and shuts down my feelings and I have no support. I had to put him out as it's best for me being pregnant I cant take anymore from him. My little girl heard us arguing last night and asked me this morning why did I ask daddy to go away :( I feel terrible and dont want to lie to her xx  

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my heart goes out to you. 
Can you see if you can involve your GP in organising some support?

It might also be worth giving Macmillan a phone call and they can give you advice too

Is your daughter being treated in a children’s hospital? There might be a support group there or a Maggie’s Centre you can visit  

Neuroblastoma in children is a different cancer than the ones you find in adults. If you do a search here you’ll find a very few posts on olfactory neuroblastoma which is the one found in the head. So I don’t think you’ll get any replies. 

It must be hard for your partner and he is having his own crisis in all this but you’re right you can’t be expected to look after him too. 

I wish you well and I really hope your little girl gets better quickly. 

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Honey So sorry you are finding yourself and little girl on here I can only echo what Beesuit has said. I think on here there us also a section devoted to children’s cancers which may help you. I also know the cancer U.K. site on their chat forum has a section relating to children I hope you and  your boyfriend can pull together at this time .

On head and neck cancers where you have posted it’s nearly all adult cancers the 2 years I have been in it I haven’t come across any children being diagnosed with our types so hopefully someone on one of the other sectors can help.

Hazel x

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Good evening Honey , so sorry to hear the difficulties you are having, i think you must be the first person to ask about someone so young involving a cancer tumour, as i have been here for over 10 years now and cannot recall any cases. I think the way children are treated nowadays is excellent and the wards are all designed to help them recover in their sort of surroundings. I also think this surgery will not be done anywhere near a COVID hospital ward as most hospitals have children's wards. It's surprising how well children cope with operations and with good recovery rates, im not saying its easy but these youngsters are very resilient from what i have seen on tv shows about child cancers. 

    I also think you need help along with your boyfriend as it obvious he does not know the seriousness of it , so maybe he should go along to your next appointment and listen to the consultant who will be only too pleased to help. Macmillan also has trained councillors who will talk to you as a complete family or singularly. I expect he feels its out of his control and does not fully understand it, excessive smoking and drinking will not help. The bottom line is he does not know how to handle the situation, but maybe after a talk etc he might feel he wants to become involved as a father.

    This is the trouble is cancer affects us in different ways and how we manage and cope varies greatly, let's hope you can manage some sort of getting together with Macmillan or similar for the sake of you all but especially the 3-year-old,she should not be hearing these ill feelings between you both as she has enough to go through.

 I wish you all the very best and hope you manage to come through this all together as a family if possible as i think it will help if you are united. Take care and good luck .

                                                                       Chris xx 

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