Hubby's 'All Clear'

Just to let everyone know that hubby received his long awaited (and fought for) results of his PET SCAN.  The consultant told him that he had responded very well to the treatment and there was no sign of cancer on the scan.  To say he was elated was an understatement.

He still is dealing with the side effects of treatment but plodding on and living with or sorting those.

A big thank you to this forum and all those that have helped with questions, tips etc.

I will continue to drop by to offer our insight to all the newly diagnosed.

Love to all

My Motto throughout this journey  :  One step at a time, One Day at a time.  Deal with whatever that day throws at you and move on.

  • That's great news.  Thanks for letting us know.

    Totally spot on with your motto!

    All the best.


  • That's a big stepping stone done there BrandyGirl; I know you both realise that the journey's not done yet and "the cancer that keeps on giving" will make things rocky at times for a while yet but it's a brilliant piece of news to get, got mine (with very similar wording) in the post!

  • That's great news brandygirl !

    It's always good to hear positive vibes,I myself got the all clear little over a week ago and although going forward I,m taking week by week the all clear first petscan means a lot.

    Plus I think people just starting on their journey can take some solace from positive outcomes .

    Good luck going forward  ! ! ThumbsupSlight smile

  • Great news! Congratulations to you both!

    We also had similar news recently and my hubby got an all clear pet scan after a lot of ups and downs from a suspect MRI scan. 
    Like your hubby, my hubby is still dealing with some of the side effects, but great to hear your good news on this.

    its taken a while for it to really sink in this end, as you know only too well, it’s been a journey and great to get this result.



  • Hi Brandy girl

    Great news and thank you for sharing it, welcome to the next stage of getting back to normal .I remember your early postings yes it’s a long and winding road but good to hear hubby has come through it all , gives hope to the new people who are appearing in site.I am now 18 month post treatment and living my life to the full .Ok salvia issues are still around but I feel improvements are on the way most days.

    Onwardsand uowards 

    Hazel x

  • Great news!

    My husband also recently got all clear following biopsy after inconclusive post radio PET scan. Yes still some side effects but they won't stop us living life to the full - we booked 2 holidays the day we received the results!  

    To those newly diagnosed and their loved ones,  in the bad times you may feel despondent, but it IS worthwhile!


  • Hi Brandy Girl,

    I’ve not had much time to log-on to the group, but I’ve just read your post ‘Hubby’s All Clear’.

    A huge well done to you both.  My hubby got his all clear on the 16th August last year.  It was the worst experience, but we fought through.  It tested every aspect of our lives.

    We are still dealing with the aftermath, but I see some sort of improvement every day - still got some gunky stuff, though!

    Good luck to both of you!

  • Thanks for letting us know.

    Really good news and it’s nice to hear good news in these awful times.

    Ken hopes to get his PET CT scan at the end of April which will be 14 weeks post treatment. I just hope it’s not postponed due to Corona!

    Congratulations xx