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I am a newby on here!  I was diagnosed with Oropharyngeal cancer Nov 11th. No need to delve into all the stuff thats happened since then, as i am sure you have all been thru it too!  I had test for HPV came back negative.  Thru more testing, it appears, that mine was caused by a viral chest infection  that i had 2 years ago. Extremely bad cough and had inhalers etc, got better but cough remained,  had antibiotics cough cleared up but then came back.  I gave up smoking over 20years ago.  I was told that  the cell structure that was altered during my smoking years, had gathered in my tonsil tissue and lain dormsnt  all this time, waiting for a trigger... my chest/bronchitis  was the trigger!!! So...  here i am today!! This werk I go for my nxt lot of pre op checks and then the neck dissection plus laser inside for the tumour removal plus part of tongue, wont be long after. 

Extremely nervous, scared and hopeful as we all must be.

I call it my ROAD TRIP with THING!! 

I hope you all have successful treatment  snd all the discomfort and scary stuff will pay off! Xx

  • Welcome 

    I am the wife of Harry how was diagnosed with SCC in lymph node. This was 22 Nov we received this diagnosis. Primary is retro molar trigone - wisdom tooth area . We got this news last Friday.  ? HPV result , still waiting for this apparently takes ages. We have hubby MDT meeting tomorrow plus an ultrasound of thyroid as they have found some nodules. They have mentioned possibility if resection. I'm guessing we will find out everything tomorrow. 

    This is a fantastic group . Lots of support/ tips etc . These guys really have been there and got the t-shirt.

    All the best 

    Lisa x x

  • Heard it called many things but "ROAD TRIP with THING!!" is right up there with the best of them (mine was "Me vs The Marmite Jar" which will make sense if you're ever bored enough to read my blog, linked below), welcome although sorry you find yourself here.

    It can be a bumpy road and "THING" can be really quite a bit thing with spikes on at times as well but there are loads of us on here coasting serenely down country lanes having got round the M25 in rush hour to show it's achievable (am I dragging the analogy out a bit now? Probably). 

    Anyway, sounds like you have a good attitude and a sense of humour which will help. My wife actually used to get cross with me for keeping good humoured whenever I could because she saw no humour in what was happening but we all deal with it the best way we can.

    Think of this site as your breakdown cover; we might not be able to fix you at the side of the road but we'll be able to advise you where to go to get moving again. Safe trip!

  • Hi Lisa,  im Annie.

    I hope all goes ok for your hubby. It is a very worrying and exhausting time.  I have had neck aspiration with biopsy scan,  a panendoscopy all the scans needed and now await operation.

    Do stay in touch and let me know how he does tomorriw. Good luck 

  • Hi...

    I do have a sense of humor! Its helping me or seems to be.  I have FB timeline and posting my ROAD TRIP news as a bloggy log type where a lot of people are following. We are on the bus together and the road will be bumpy with a few sharp corners,  but  we are stayingvon the bus until we all ring the bell at the end!  A few have  their own THINGS to deal with in different places, but at the end of the day, its a similar journey.   Yes, i do have the lethargu, i do feel discomfort and tes, my left ear is being ripped off at times , but THING will  be evicted off the bus soon for fare dodging!!! 

    Here is THING   Japanese ogreBus   here is the bus  Bus  here is the bell  Bell    Good thoughts to you and thank you for reply. 

  • Hi 

    welcome to the club no one really wants to join , I called mine the blip coz it wasn’t just a blip in my lifetime I am now 17 month post radiotherapy for tonsil cancer with affected lymph nodes .Postive mental attitude got me through it , I gave everything names the mask was Venezia because Venice is the homemade of the masked ball , the drip was gormless ! Etc etc. Anything to get us through it and out the other side .

    keep in touch 

    Hazel aka RadioactiveRaz 

  • Love your name!!  I stay positive, even in low days, i try to remain happy and think of things i will be doing in a few months.. i have  a static caravan i need to get ready for 2020 season, my husband has early on set of memory loss plus his 70th birthday in August and i would so much love to take him on a few days holiday.

    THING Japanese ogre  is sometimes painful and yes, i do get tired, but we have to keep going.  No one wants to make friends like this, but i think it may change some of us as people  and make us appreciate life and what we have more than we have done.  

    My  bloggy loggy is on my FB timeline, a womans magazine approached me after a friend told them about me and ROAD TRIP with THING , they asked me to type it all up and send it to them when its over, whenever that may be.  I will think about it.

    I am sure i shall name whatever attachments i find myself with during this journey. It does help to make it kess  sterile! 

    I wish you well, and hopeful for the future. 

    Take great care , yes , stay in touch .

  • Hi goals are good first thing we did on diagnosis day was ask oncologist when he thought I would be able to fly to our apartment in Spain we long term rent he said when treatment finished give it 6 weeks I gave it 8 we flew out with military precision all stuff I needed meds n food supplies but I did it. Do keep the opening of static in forefront and u will get there. Sorry to hear of your hubby s early onset of memory loss that can’t be easy hazel .   Yes step grandkids gave me the moniker lol c

  • Hi Annie

    Thinking of you and hoping things went well for you yesterday.

    Linda x

  • Hi Annie ,

    Been thinking about you and how the 'eviction" op went on Wednesday. Hope they are keeping you comfortable and you are suitably dosed up with pain relief !! 

    Well Harry had his MDT meeting - primary turned out to be base of tongue with 1 lymph node. They considered neck resection but then decided not - initially thought primary was retro molar trigone ( wisdom tooth area) - so was going to do resection and remove affected area to tooth at same time . Change of primary, change of plan !

    So - Monday this week , RIG was placed.

    Tuesday home.

    Wednesday 1st of 6 chemo - cisplatin, followed by radio.

      Thursday radio and meeting with RIG nurse 

    Friday will be more radio and more of the same Monday and  tuesday.

    This is for 6 weeks. 

    As soon as you feel up to it let us all know how you are doing .

    Take Care

    Lisa x x

  • Lisa

    One day after her op Annie posted graphic pictures from her hospital bed. Brave lady, she looks pretty good considering what’s been done. 
    Just thought I’d let you know. 

    Good news about your husband’s change of plan. Retromolar tumours are more difficult to deal with. Good luck and fingers crossed for you both.