Update to all my frienda

Hi all,

Sorry l haven't been on earlier but it's due to me having too much fun with the ladies on the ward l am with and they have broken legs. Had operation on Monday 6th January and all went fantastically well. Yes l'd say first three days were tough but here l am today talking, eating, walking with help of Zimmer frame and alive.  They're even saying l may go home on Friday depending on what my leg is like when they look at it tomorrow. I am unsure what my operation is called "mandibulary'? Reconstruction of lower jaw due to malignant cancer. I do thankfully have maybe 3 teeth left  on one side. 

Val xxx

  • Hiya Val, lovely to hear this update and you are having fun with the other ladies, looks as if its a promising start Slight smile Well done in getting through operation as I personally have had dealings with it, I'm glad they have saved some teeth as the more the merrier. Fingers crossed for your continued recovery and your escape on Friday if you manage it. Thanks again, good luck.

                                                                                                Chris xx

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  • oh Val, I’m so pleased for you. 
    I have thought of you all this week and last. 
    well done well done well done 


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