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Head and neck cancer

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Waiting again!

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Hi All

Long day today.  Biopsies done. They said nothing overly concerning to see.  One side of throat a bit redder than the other (radiated side) so biopsies taken there.    Appointment on 28th for results.  Was pretty worried when before op registrar said "we are going to do a panendoscopy, biopsy and possible tonsillectomy!   I had to point out they were removed in June. Also told he could take Ibuprofen for pain, and he takes blood thinners so not a good idea!  Felt it would have been a good idea to read the notes!  Anyway it's done, now for the wait.  Hes ok but sore and sleepy.  Thank you all for your good wishes.  Xx

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Hi take the positive s from his comments nothing overly conceding to see , we all have one side the main radiated side redder than the other side , over Christmas    my first cold and to say my throat was Scarlett  is an understatement ,after a few days it went back to as normal as it is going to be for a while. So fingers crossed for the 28 th ,let him sleep and maybe ice cream in the morning !

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Hi madaboutmutts, its good that they could not see anything sinister so fingers crossed the results come back clear, it is annoying when they do not read the patients notes it has happened to me when i saw an understudy, thankfully, my consultant was never like this. Hopefully, the pain will ease in a couple of days, best wishes.

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