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Radiation late side effects....continued sore throat

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Hi everyone. I am post radiation treatment for epiglottis cancer. I continue to have a sore throat at times. I know certain foods will make it sore for a while and I don't drink or smoke. Mine was caused by reflux. Do any of you still struggle with soreness? I use magic mouthwash which helps but I am more curious if this is normal.  And dryness especially at night. Any suggested products . 

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I am ten months post radio for back of tongue cancer. Practically one whole tonsil and my uvula with its associated salivary glands are shrivelled and I am aware that my throat is dry. This is especially annoying when I talk a lot. My saliva is improving and during the day there is little background dryness.

At night I mouthwash with sensodyne pronamel which instantly moisturises my mouth, apply a layer of GC fluoride mousse to my teeth and pop in a xylimelt on one side. That usually gets me through the night.