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Questions to ask

Mrs Wozza
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I have been told when you are diagnosed with cancer to ask questions and write things down. Is there any lists of questions needed to be asked? My mind is blank

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Having looked at your profile I think I'm right in saying that you haven't been diagnosed with cancer yet but are waiting for the results of tests.

I've found this information for you on questions to ask after diagnosis and questions to ask about treatment. You could print these pages and take them with you when you go for your results.

I do hope that it doesn't turn out to be cancer but, if it does, I'm sure you'll find this group very supportive.


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Some good examples in there from  but obviously if you asked them all you'd be there for hours! It'll be easier for us to advise more specifically if you end up with a cancer diagnosis, which obviously we all hope you don't.

Everyone is different and some want to know the answers to questions like, "What are the average survival rates for this type of cancer, and what might this mean in my case?" and want to know the staging and precise details like that. Personally I wasn't interested in stuff like that, the only thing I asked along those lines was of a young oncology registrar; I asked, "...what do think the most likely outcome will be?" and she replied, "complete cure". That was enough for me. I'm not saying that's the right way (and sometimes you do have to make a bit of noise because they're extremely busy people and if you suffer in silence they'll assume you're OK) but it was how I personally dealt with it mentally.

 What is a Community Champion?

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Hi, if you’re anything like me you’ll think of the questions once you’ve left the consultation! If you are the kind of person who likes to know next steps I’d recommend finding your local health trust’s cancer care pathway on the Internet. This will help you understand the decision points and options and decision-making process. Don’t forget if you are not sure of any treatment recommendations you can always get a second opinion - it’s perfectly acceptable. If you prefer to take things one step at a time, be sure to ask “what comes next” and “what are the choices and why?”

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