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Reoccurring SCC

Michael RSA
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Hi All

I had a Radical Neck Dissection two years ago to remove affected nodes 42 were removed and 29 of those were positive. Thirty radiology & four chemotherapy treatments later, I was doing well.

About two weeks ago a biopsy was carried out on a lump in the other side of my neck which proved to be positive. Today I saw the Oncologist and we discussed what action to take. It was decided that I should undergo another Radical Neck Dissection as they think curing it is possible and I am still fit enough to withstand the surgery. So I am lined up for surgery in December and Radiology & Chemotherapy to start in January.

So for those who have a reoccurrence have faith there is still a light at the end of the tunnel.

Stay Strong

Stay strong 

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Hi Micheal, sorry to hear it has returned I know what it's like when this happens. You are so right in having faith with a positive attitude as I'm sure that's what carried me through. This was 11 years ago so i wish you all the best for your December operation, good luck.

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