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Pembrolizumab makes headline today for Head & Neck cancer

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Hi Friends,

Excited to see this new items this morning - talking about the promising outcomes for patients given Pembrolizumab for advanced and recurrent Head & Neck Cancer. I think it is mostly aimed at when the disease spreads elsewhere, but looks hopeful for possible use as a 1st line treatment, with significantly fewer side-effects than chemo.

I’m aiming to attach the article as a PDF, but it won’t let me do it with this post so will post it separately.

If doesn’t work, we BBC website or hopefully other news outlets.


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Spotted that earlier and putting it on my blog with other news from USA  

Brilliant news . It’s something that oncologists knew already  

I remember somebody posting here that they were offered it but had to get routine chemotherapy first even though their doctor knew it wouldn’t work. NICE guidelines I suppose. 

At end of the article it says that they expect it to be available in two years yet the Americans  have done these trials already and the FDA approved Keytruda in June this year for just this. 
Seems a shame that we can’t just pick up their research and have it in use straight away. 

Good luck anybody on this trial and thanks Hilary for posting this fantastic news. 

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Just went mooching around the web for this and found that this research had been published in The Lancet a year ago. Trust the BBC to be late

At least it means only a year or so to wait. Lets hope NICE looks kindly on it