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Any information on the secretions  any ideas on when these slow down or disappear.  My issue in company is getting rid of secretions its starting to make me feel a bit conscious of the need to get rid of them 

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Spit spit and spit. Horrid. 
mine was all gone by 4 weeks post radio. 
I went through industrial quantities of kitchen roll which went into the Rayburn every morning. 
The more I drank the better it got

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Agree with beesuit, spit it up wasn't ideal with company I know but needs must.

Think I probably endured for two weeks mebbe, had medication for it ,too loosen it up and of course my nebulizer which helped at night ,

Good luck

see you on the flipside
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I know it has to be the worst side effects for me .

Just have to hang in their with the water and wait until they leave. 


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Hi as beesuit says water water and more water is really a good secret to thinning the secretions. . That plus a copious supply of tissues , I still 15 month on still occasionally have to spit when I’ve eaten someth8ng scratchy mybthroat produces copious amounts of thick gunk  to protect it. .

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