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Lump in tongue

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Hello all few weeks back discovered a small lump in my tongue never thought much about it to be honest that was until it started to grow . So I went to the doctor who did a watch an wait for 1 week . I'm now bieng referred to head and neck for a biopsy . Very scared about this biopsy can anyone please tell.me what to expect I'd rather be prepared.  Also has anyone any had a lump in thier  tongue like mine it's in the middle but you cant see it just feel it feels quite large now and struggling a bit eating.  I dont know if this will be cancer I'm.hoping it maybe just a cyst . I did used to smoke quite heavily however but gave up 2 years ago . Thanks in advance 

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Hello Tlc39, i have not hear of many having a lump on the middle of their tongue, most are on the base of the tongue /floor of the mouth where they both connect. A biopsy is where they will remove a very small sample from or around the lump, they will make sure the area is numb first then just cut a small bit out using a special tool/instrument. They might have to put a small stitch in afterwards, make sure you have some strong pain killers as sometimes they can be a bit sore for a day or so. They should tell you about any pain but if not please ask them before you leave, normally a biopsy does not take long. Try not to be too scared as its only a small procedure, the waiting is the longest bit. Sometimes this sort of things happens when you stop a "habit" ie smoking, drinking due to the change in the bodies habits. Good luck with the biopsy, let's hope it comes back all clear, take care.

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its horrid waiting but we have to just keep busy in the meantime. I presume you’ll be seeing a maxillofacial consultant first? In which case they may decide they need to have a good look round and give you a general anaesthetic. A few jokes with the anaesthetist and you won’t know anything about it. 
Heed Chris’s advice. Make sure you have some pain killers to hand as your mouth is quite sensitive. 
GA or not they will take good care of you and the discomfort is fleeting.

It would be an idea to take somebody with you. 
Good luck and I hope it’s nothing serious. 

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Hi TLC. Completely understand your anxiety. I have had tonsil cancer and am now 2 years down the line. In my day job I frequently biopsy parts of the mouth for suspected cancer. So I would like to let you know that the vast majority of biopsies we do are NOT cancer. A lump in the tongue is not a common sign of cancer - very likely to be something else entirely. I know I cannot be certain of that, but the chances are that you are worrying unnecessarily. So go along to your appointment and see what is said, but try to not to be anxious - odds are in your favour.

Good luck