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TORPEdO clinical trial

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TORPEdO Is a clinical trial measuring Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy against their standard IMRT that we are all familiar with 

This is great news if proton beams deliver less collateral damage. 
patients are being recruited now. Exciting times. 
If anybody gets on this would they keep in touch with us?

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Evening beesuit 

Read your blog post regards proton and found it very interesting, it will be good to see what happens here in the UK anything that can cut down on the after effects and god knows there's enough of them would be very welcome 

see you on the flipside
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Hi Totolemar

yes the NHS grinds along due to insufficient funds but that aside at least something is being done. I find it hard to understand why information gleaned from other trials can’t be used. The Americans have been using protons for OP cancer for some time. I was 67 when this disease poleaxed me but my heart goes out to people 20/30 years younger who have to deal with treatment consequences for many many years.